There are different kinds of wire designed for different purposes and it can be confusing working out which is the right wire for your project. The team at Leen’s Geelong have put together this handy guide to help you work out what you need. It covers aviary mesh, chicken coop wire, veggie patch mesh and dog enclosure wire.

Chicken Coop Wire

The best wire for Chicken Coops unsurprisingly is Chicken Wire. It’s a lightweight wire and fairly inexpensive. Chicken wire comes in a variety of thicknesses or gauges – you might consider a thicker gauge if foxes or dogs are a problem. Also a wire roof maybe considered if hawks are encountered.

Veggie Patch Wire

If your goal is to keep birds from eating your hard-grown vegetables, then chicken wire will probably do the job.

If you’re protecting against rabbits and other critters, netting (commonly known as Rabbit Wire) is a good choice – it’s a bit sturdier which will make it harder for them to burrow through. Leens Building Supplies stock a range of netting in different heights and gauges. Remember that the more visible the wire is, the less likely it is that a creature will accidently get stuck in your fencing!

Aviary Wire

Aviary wire mesh is going to be the best wire for your aviary in most cases. It comes in a range of hole sizes, so pick a smaller diameter mesh for smaller birds, and a larger one for larger birds. Aviary wire mesh is great for bird enclosures because it not only provides the birds protection and keeps them safe, it gives them a solid perching and climbing frame.

This type of wire will give it a pleasant look and can be spray painted black to give it a diminished prominence thus showing the birds more effectively.

Building An Aviary

Building an aviary in your backyard might be the perfect way to create your sanctuary if you’re looking for something to help you unwind after a day facing the stresses of the world. We found this great guide from Burke’s backyard that shows you how to build an aviary from treated pine logs and wire for under $500. This style of aviary can house finches, parrots, chooks or peacocks and it looks good in the backyard. The best thing is you can get all the materials needed for the project from Leen’s! Read more here.

Dog & Puppy Enclosure Wire

Dog wire is graduated from smaller squares at the bottom (for puppies) increasing to larger openings towards the top. This is a good value wire for temporary enclosures for those people baby sitting family or friend’s dogs, or where a permanent dog run is required.

Keeping out vermin

Commonly called mouse or snake wire, this is very fine that has obvious uses, however it’s also popular for arts & crafts.

Sizes Available

Most wires come in 900mm, 1200mm and 1800mm widths and can be bought by the roll – commonly 30 metres or 50 metres however you can also purchase by the metre as required.