plywood geelongLeen’s carries the best range of plywood Geelong has to offer with a variety of thicknesses, stress grades, veneer qualities, bond glue types & treatments. It’s all very complex so we’ve broken it down here for you. Jack also explains it all in the 2 minute video at the bottom

Structural plywoods have stress grades, five face & back veneer qualities, different bond glue types and in some cases, preservative treatment.

Non-structural plywoods do not have stress grades.

Plywood panels have many and varied uses: structurally, non-structurally, interior & exterior, marine applications and beams (laminated veneer lumber or LVL’s).

Manufacturers must adhere to strict Australian & NZ standards, including the types of adhesives used and the preservative treatments where applicable.

Structural Plywood Geelong

Structural plywoods are suitable for all permanent structural applications and is manufactured from a range of hardwood and softwood species.

If used in weather and exposed situations, the plywood must be preservative treated.

There are various stress grades, thicknesses and face veneer qualities for different applications.

For example with brace ply, structural performance is more important than appearance. Where tongue and groove flooring is concerned, you will need a solid face. And for external cladding, it will need to be preservative treated.

Concrete Formwork

Specifically for a single use or a small number of reuses. Possesses qualities great for formwork such as strength, stiffness, affordability, ease of use and resistance to impact.

Marine Plywood Geelong

This is a premium structural plywood generally intended for marine applications such as boat hulls, but has many other high-end uses including skateboard ramps and caravan/camper trailer floors.

Manufacturers adhere to strict guidelines, including selected species known for consistent structural properties, a specific stress grade, and two A-grade faces.

In some marine applications preservative treatment is necessary. Where there are cut edges additional preservative treatment will be required on the exposed edge.

Our stock of marine ply sheets (2440mm x 1220mm) come in 4mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 25mm, & 28mm thicknesses. We also have many off-cut sizes.

Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL)

Appropriate for permanent structural applications such as: beams, columns, truss chords, and structural decking supports. In full weather exposure situations, preservative treatment would be applicable.

Come in and see our range and if its not in stock we can generally order what you need and have it within a few days.

Exterior & Interior Plywood Geelong

Non-structural applications requiring a high quality aesthetic finish. No applicable stress grades.

Exterior Applications: Door skins, hoardings, signs & non structural cladding.

Interior Applications: Wall panelling, caravan paneling, furniture & fittings, interior doors and ceiling linings.

Some exterior plywoods depending on exposure need to be treated for fungal attack or painted with a finish to repel water.

Face veneer grades are designed for either clear finishing or painting.

Let us help you choose right!

The Leens Building Supplies team will be more than happy to discuss the applications and needs of your project, and explain sizes and thicknesses, helping to make your project as easy as possible. Contact us now to find out more.