Geelong PVC Plumbing Suppliers

At Leen’s Building Supplies, we carry a wide range of PVC products (including plumbing products and much more) which are favoured for their durability, lightness and rust-free properties.

Our range includes:

Plumbing Products

  • Stormwater and drainage pipes and fittings
  • DWV pipe and fittings

Electrical PVC Products

  • Conduit and fittings

Plastic PVC Products

  • Concretor plastic and dampcourse

Lattice PVC Products

  • Sheeting

PVC products are just one part of our extensive range of building materials, building supplies, timber supplies, doors and related products, all available for browsing at our North Geelong yard.

Call in and our team will help you find the right products at the right price. Check out our FAQs for more details about delivery options and opening hours.