8 plywood projects you can build too – Inspired by customer Shane

Patrick BlampiedCustomer Project Gallery

Shane Tippett‎ inspired this article. He’s one of our customers and built the above bed! He said “Great service down at Leen’s. Here’s a bed made out of plywood sourced from Leen’s building supplies.” Too good! Looks like it came from a showroom.

Plywood used to be known as a durable construction material that wasn’t finished until it was covered with something else. That time has passed and nowadays it’s a hot trend in designer homes and featured in lifestyle magazines.

The beauty of it is it’s a well priced composite that has a natural grain, is flat and easy to work with.

Here are 7 more DIY plywood projects we spotted online that you can do at home! If you’re interested in our plywood range head over to the timber products page and check out the photos of our extensive range. We also sell offcuts if you don’t need a large piece for your project.

Kitchen Cabinets
Plywood Kitchen Cabinets

Interior wall and roof tiles

Outdoor living and vertical garden – use marine ply for this one!
Plywood outdoor living and vertical garden

Plywood Table

Kids bed
Plywood Bed

plywood playhouse

plywood storage